The Advantages of FUE Over FUT

The standard surgeries for hair restoration have remained Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Transplantation (FUT). However, many doctors are leaning toward FUE as the most advantageous surgical option for the right patient, and they have based their conclusions of the several advantages provided by an FUE procedure.

No Scalpel

The first advantage is that FUE is minimally invasive. Doctors performing this procedure do not need to use a scalpel, and grafts do not first require the removal of a strip of the scalp. Doctors only need a punch device, and some of these devices are not computerized, leading to greater accuracy.

No Sutures

Since there is no cutting or removing of portions of the scalp, the FUE procedure does not require sutures or staples. The donor site will heal naturally, but the hair will not regrow.

No Scar

Also, as FUE does not use a scalpel, and the punches are precise, patients should not experience any noticeable scarring as with FUT. In FUT procedures, patients will likely develop a linear scar at the donor site, which is why doctors only recommend FUT for those with medium to long hairstyles.

Lower Risks

As FUE is minimally invasive, recipients have a lower risk of complications. In FUT surgeries, while minor, there are risks of bleeding and infection that are not as prevalent in FUE operations.

Faster Recovery

Again, as a result of the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, FUE has a quicker recovery time than FUT. While FUT may take 14 days to heal, FUE takes around five days or less.

Minor Discomfort

FUT can often result in patient discomfort due to scalp tightness and the incision site. FUE recipients do not express such pain and often only express minor discomfort for a short period.

More Natural Results

A significant concern for hair restoration patients is that their hair looks natural after surgery. Due to the individual transplantation of hair follicles in FUE procedures, patients receive more natural results than with FUT.

Fewer Limitations

After any surgery, there are activity restrictions, which is no different in the FUE and FUT procedures. However, FUE has fewer restrictions because it is a less invasive operation. With FUT, you will likely be down for a week to ten days because of the sutures, but with FUE, you will probably be back to your routine in a few days.

While both the FUE and FUT treatments are effective hair restoration surgeries, the FUE does have its advantages. If you are interested in the FUE procedure, then contact a local hair loss doctor, like a hair loss doctor in NYC, to discuss your options today.