Online Counselling Is an Option in A Way It Never Was Before!

online therapist

Online medical and mental health services are gaining traction because it is extremely easy, convenient and flexible to fit your needs. Think about it: What’s different from a treatment approach standpoint, if we are in the same room together or in a different room together over video, in real time? Research shows evidence that online therapy is similar to in person therapy.

The state of Illinois offers many options for online therapists in Schaumburg who provide mental health services. However, the therapist you may want to see, the one who provides the kind of treatment you need and fits your personality style best is not in driving distance. Or, maybe you work in the city of Chicago but live in the suburbs and there isn’t time for anything in between work and family life. These challenges can make it difficult to go to counselling as often as you’d like. 

With online services from therapists, now you can get the mental health help you deserve without being overwhelmed.

Are you a candidate for online therapy?

You may be a good candidate for online therapy, couples and marriage video counselling, or virtual family therapy services if you:

·      Want to ensure safety of you and others during the pandemic

·      Live abroad or overseas

·      Participating in a shelter-at-home Executive Order

·      Travel frequently for work both nationally or internationally

·      Have several ongoing obligations that make it challenging for you to leave your home or office consistently

·      Suffer from agoraphobia

·      Struggle with physical disabilities

·      Live in a rural setting or a community where counselling services are unavailable

·      Need to reduce commute and travel time

·      Need flexibility for a place and time that best fits your schedule

·      Working or living abroad in another country who cannot find local, reputable counsellors and therapists

·      Expats who cannot find an English-speaking therapist

What Do I Need for Online Therapy?

All a client needs for online therapy (e-therapy) are a webcam on their computer or mobile device, and a reliable internet connection. Seeing a seasoned online therapist is only a few simple mouse clicks away.

Why Online Therapy?

Online counselling may be appropriate for either individual online therapy or couples counselling for clients who cannot make it into our therapist office due to a variety of challenges. It is an ideal option for couples who need the convenience and flexibility of its format and accessibility. Counselling can be particularly difficult to follow through due to unpredictable winter weather and the treacherous traveling conditions. These dangers make this type of psychotherapy idyllic, and often safer, and a great option even if just occasionally, for anxiety counselling.

Benefits of Online Therapy 

·      You can meet with a therapist in spite of an impossible job schedule

·      Frequent travellers are able to enjoy continuity of care

·      Weather/Mother Nature can’t prevent you from keeping an appointment

·      Childcare challenges aren’t a barrier

·      Lack of transportation is no longer an issue

·      Distance from the therapist office isn’t prohibitive

·      Studies support the effectiveness of meeting with counsellors remotely

·      Online therapy requires less of a time commitment because it eliminates preparation and travel time

·      Injury or chronic illness won’t preclude you from counselling services

·      Struggling with physical disabilities can’t stop you from getting therapy services

·      Online therapy fills in when your community is lacking in counselling services

·      Some clients are more open in their own environment and thus gain more from e-therapy than conventional in-person therapy

Give online Therapy a shot

Online counselling gives you more options to find a therapist who is a good fit for you. Take the step and contact an online therapist. A reputable clinic such as Lotus Wellness Center can provide useful information and a treatment plan.