Life Coach Los Angeles CA

Life Coach Los Angeles CA

Human connection is a basic human need. Psychologists such as Maslow and the Harvard Grant Study on happiness have repeatedly emphasized the importance of connection for our physical and psychological well being. According to our Life Coach Los Angeles CA, social connections have been scientifically shown to increase longevity, strengthen immunity (lower inflammation), lower rates of depression and anxiety, and improve self esteem. As well as encourage more empathy and as a result become more trusting of others. 

Yet despite all the scientific data touting the importance of human and social connection Americans as a whole are less connected than ever. A revealing sociological study indicated that one in every four people we meet may have no one that they can call a close friend! This explains the increasing reports of loneliness, depression and isolation among Americans today. 

Interestingly, to feel connected to another person, as research has shown, is an internal job. Meaning, that connection is a feeling, and a feeling is inside of the individual. So how do you “feel” connected? You must connect to your feelings to start! So that means vulnerability, openness, curiosity, self awareness and the ability to let go. All things that are easy to say and hard to do. That is when the work really comes in, because nothing worthwhile is ever easy and there doesn’t seem to be anything more worthwhile than connected and whole relationships. 

Where most people get stuck is the vulnerability piece of the puzzle. Brene Brown says “Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage”. Vulnerability rubs up against trust, to trust we must be courageous, and if we cannot trust we cannot be vulnerable. The two are interdependent. So we circle back to trust, and the first person we must trust to be able to connect to others is ourselves. It all starts there. 

So that is the good news, in order to feel connected we must do the work and start with ourselves. We may not be able to control the number of close connections we have, but we do have control over our own wellbeing and state of mind. We can therefore begin to cultivate a sense of internal connection with a little bit of courage and vulnerability. 

The Sukha Wellness Team

There is no simple way to find happiness. The Sukha Wellness Institute incorporates a multidimensional approach to happiness! Our accountability system and mantra, You Must Do the Work!, will lead you to a purposeful life starting right now. Isn’t it time you find your Sukha?